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for the defense of marriage act, signed into law by president clinton. >>> and american academy of pediatrics has declared its support of same-second parent, saying marriage is in the best interest of children and offers kids long-term security, rights and benefits. the doctors made the declaration after four years of analysis and research. >>> and new tonight at 6:00, over the passionate objections of students and parents, oakland school board has decided to close three schools, they will close down american indian public charter school and american indian public charter school two, the american indian public high school will also close, but that will close at the end of the school year in june. and while the school has some of the highest student test scores in california, the state audit last year found financial conflicts of interest, and nearly 4 million in questionable payments. alameda county prosecutors are continuing to investigate payments. >>> now on the subject of oakland, it is one of nine california school districts, along with san francisco, that have formed an unusual alliance. th
. >> reporter: on wednesday, the court considers the defense of marriage act, which denies an array of benefits. when her spouse died, her irs sent a $363,000 bill and rep fused to recognize her marriage. >> i couldn't believe that they were making a stranger of this person i lived with and lived for 43, something, years. >> reporter: in new york, hundreds rallied in support of gay marriage and expressed hopes this week will be a turning point. >> the question before the supreme court this week will be, am i a full american or am i not? >> reporter: the very definition of marriage, up for debate in the highest court in the land. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry made a stop in iraq today. kerry med with iraq's prime minister for what was described as a very spirited discussion. they talked about iraq's delegate and preparing for upcoming elections. >> we all want to see iraq succesuc succe succeed. such an. the world has an interest in seeing iraq take a leading role in the region as a functning democracy. >> the talk also focused on iraq granting iran ac
will determine if the man accused of stealing that yacht can stand trial. this was prompted by the defense attorney. he is charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing that 82 foot sail boat and running it aground in pacifica on march 4. >>> today the board of supervisors voted to approve regulations that subjects electronic cigarettes to the same controls at tobacco. that means e smokers can't puff up in parks. e cigarettes cannot be sold to minors. health officials say the vapor pose a secondhand health hazard. the board of supervisors will take a second vote. >>> a legislator is proposing legislation to make marijuana safer for patients. it would establish a division of medical cannabis regulation and enforcement. this would be part of the state department of alcohol beverage control. it would ensure that medical marijuana patients aren't exposed to toxic substances and will help reduce the criminal element involved. >>> chez panisse will be closed longer than originally expected. opening day has been postponed indefinitely at this point. the march 8 fire damaged the outside of the r
that the thing that's hardest to scout on them is they can just steal the ball. they are a pressure defensively. they get steals and it is hard to guard. it starts with that. you have to take care of the ball against their pressure, so to speak. >> there is a new man in town determined to help the 49ers win a super bowl. the niners introduced anquan boldin today, the former raven just won a super bowl ring. he is moving on and getting on the same page with colin kaepernick. >> i had a chance to talk with him. i am excited to get to work with him. he is a smart guy, very athletic. and for me hopefully i can help him to grow as a quarterback. when i got back i got in touch with him and tried to figure out when we can get together and start working on our teamship. >> that will do it for sports right now. plenty of highlights coming up. warriors on the court against the spurs and the sharks are taking on the edmonton oilers. big night tonight. >> was that the same anquan boldin that helped beat the 49ers in the super bowl? >> that's the same one. don't bring that up, though. >> for a full half hou
they will hear arguments over the defense of marriage act. >> outspoken san francisco archbishop reiterated his opposition to gay marriage in an interview. the archbishop says he believes it would cause quote enormous heart ache. he goes on to say of course i realize many people in san francisco disagree with the church's teachings on marriage and sex but there is also a very deep embedded catholic culture here. my job is to teach the truths of our faith and the truths of the natural moral law and whatever challenges that entails i embrace with enthusiasm. we can learn to respect each other across differences and even to love one another end quote. >>> one of the most notable men in the gay community and he is also the first of his kind. how he changed the sports world on and off the court. a revealing interview with the president of the golden state warriors. >>> winter may be over but it is still fresh in the mind of wine makers. >>> and public support for gun reform might be picking up steam but democratic leadership has definitely hit a snag. we take a look at whether harry reid and colleag
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5